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Training at the Geothermal Training Programme of the United Nations University in Iceland (UNU-GTP)

Training at the Geothermal Training Programme of the United Nations University in Iceland (UNU-GTP) Pre-defined project Project ID: HU03-0002-PP1 Projektgazda/ Project Promoter Nemzeti Fejlesztési Minisztérium / Ministry of National Development Program Operátor/Programme Operator NFFKÜ – Nemzetközi Fejlesztési és Forráskoordinációs Ügynökség Zrt. / IDEFA- International Development and Fund Coordination Agency Co. Megvalósítási időszak/ Implementation period 2016. április 19. – 2017. április 30./ 19th April, 2016 – 30th April, 2017 Hazai Projekt Partnerek/National Project Partner -- Donor Projekt Partner/Donor Project Partner Izlandi Nemzeti Energia Hatóság National Energy Authority of Iceland (Orkustofnun) Összköltség / Total budget (EUR) 57 703 000 HUF/ 190 000 EUR EGT támogatás összege / EEA Grant (EUR) 57 703 000 HUF/ 190 000 EUR The project enabled six Hungarian participants to study at the special training course called Geothermal Training Programme of the United Nations University in Reykjavík, Iceland with a support of HUF 57.7 million, with a grant rate of 100%. The scholarship covered the total cost of the fellows including travel, subsistence expenses and all costs associated with training. The donor project partner was the National Energy Authority of Iceland (Orkustofnun). The six-month postgraduate training course providing theoretical and practical knowledge aims to provide fundamental professional knowledge for the design and implementation of projects focusing on the utilization of geothermal energy in Hungary. Since the beginning of the training program in 1979, there were more than 600 students from 101 countries. The participants of the training have acquired scientific, engineering and management knowledge necessary for the use and utilization of geothermal energy, among others in connection with exploration of geothermal resources, geothermal well drilling technology, geothermal energy utilization methods and crucial technical information; furthermore, they also got acquainted with the institutional background, power plants and projects. The geothermal power of Hungary is very favourable, far above the world average. Use and utilization of geothermal energy in Hungary is of utmost importance, thus it is indispensable for our experts to acquire and utilize the related knowledge and experience. We are proud to report that according to the training director Lúdvík Georgsson, all six Hungarian participants successfully completed the program at an especially outstanding level.

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