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International conference in Capacity building and international cooperation programme area

Prime Minister’s Office, Department for Implementation of International Co-operation Programmes, as Programme Operator of Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2009-2014 Capacity building and international cooperation, organized an international conference on the 30 th of November with the participation of Donor Project Partners.

Olav Berstad norvég nagykövet

Mr. Olav Berstad, the Ambassador of the Royal Norwegian Embassy opened the conference, where the Donor Programme Partner, Norwegian Association of Local and Regional Authorities (KS), the Programme Operator; Project Promoters and their Norwegian Project Partners were also present in nearly full complement. The main objective of the event was to strengthen the bilateral relationships as well as to summarize the achieved results and to discuss the plans for the future.


The two overall aims of the Capacity building and institutional cooperation programme is to improve public service quality and to strengthen institutional capacity and human resource development in Hungarian public institutions, local and regional authorities through international, Norwegian-Hungarian transfer of knowledge. The programme puts strong emphasis on local initiatives and pilot projects. Collected best practices and sustainable models are to be implemented on national level, clearly contributing to the reduction of economic and social disparities in the European Economic Area even in the medium term.

Project Promoters are cooperating with Norwegian institutions and authorities with similar profiles, able to offer professional experience and practices to adapt. The conference strengthened bilateral relations and allowed mutual exchange of experience.


Prime Minister’s Office, Department for Implementation of International Co-operation Programmes as Programme Operator is responsible for the monitoring of implementation and coordination of the programme area, which includes three pre-defined projects and 8 projects selected by open call procedures with an estimated 12,7 million EUR support of the Norway Grants.

Presentations of the conference were covering project progress and results already achieved as well as the introduction of projects, and the professional relations evolved between Norwegian and Hungarian institutions. Working groups moderated by Norwegian Donor Programme Partner, KS allowed participants to share experience and learn about each other’s projects. As a conclusion to the event, the Programme Operator presented administration and management tasks due to the official project closure date of April, 2017.