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INFORMATION DAY AND PARTNERSHIP EVENT-Of the Capacity building and institutional cooperation programme

We are pleased to announce that the National Development Agency Managing Authority for International Co-operation Programmes, as the Programme Operator of the Capacity building and institutional cooperation programme organizes an information and matchmaking event on 13 August 2013 in Budapest in the Hotel Novotel Centrum.

The aim of the Info-day is to provide the potencial applicants and other interested parties with direct guidance about the objectives and content of the "Capacity-building of local governments for enhancing quality of public services and for promoting local economic development" call for proposals, the administrative details of submitting the applications, as well as the technical conditions such as how to fill out the electronic application form.

After the presentations, during the afternoon participants can personally meet their existing or future partners in an informal and personal conversation during which they can discuss the details of the planned projects.

The event is open for the public, but registration is needed, so we welcome our potential applicants as well as everyone else interested.

We would like to ask those potencial applicants already having a prospective partner to kindly inform them about the opportunity of the attendance on the event and also to give the organizer their partners' names when filling out the registration form.

The costs of the accommodation and – up to certain budgetary limits – that of the travelling will be paid for the Norwegian participants by the organizer.

You can register in this link: REGISTRATION

The deadline of registration: 2 August 2013.

Further details of the event can be found here.

The agenda of the info day can be downloaded here