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You can send your comments and questions regarding the draft call for proposals ‘Preparatory Visits’ and ‘Higher education mobility’ within the EEA Grants Scholarships Programme here in the message wall of the stakeholders consultation page.

The aim of the EEA Scholarship Programme is to enforce international cooperations and the implementation of mutual mobility programmes in order to increase the successful participation of Hungary within the Lisbon / Copenhagen and Bologna processes. The programme should also contribute to the long term relations among Hungarian and donor country institutions and professional cooperations.

Within the EEA Scholarship Programme institutions of public and higher education / training can apply for grants to implement mobility actions for students, teachers/professors and staff with the aim of study or exchange of experience. Within higher education joint participation ininternational development projects are also possible.

The Scholarship Programme will support approximately 175 student mobilites, 230 mobilities of teachers/professors and staff, and 10 academic projects with the participation of Hungary and donor countries.

In Hungary Tempus Public Foundation is responsible for the operation of the programme.

Within the mobility actions for higher education institutions the following activities can be granted:

·         student mobility

·         internships /trainee programmes abroad

·         participation of summer university programmes

·         mobility for academic and management staff

·         post-doctoral mobility

For the preparation of the above programmes the potential project promoters can also apply for support for preparatory visits. The purpose of the preparatory visits are to support applicants to submit successful proposals.

The call for proposal ‘Higher education mobility’ and academic projects will be published later this year:

·         Mobility actions (see above)

·         International cooperation projects with the aim of developing academic content:

·         Intensive programmes

·         Partnerships

·         Cooperation among HEIs and companies