Complaint mechanism

Complaint mechanism

A complaint mechanism to guarantee reporting and revealing any non-compliance came to one's notice concerning the implementation of the EEA and Norwegian Financial Mechanisms 2009-2014 is provided for the public in accordance with paragraph 11.8 of the Regulation on the implementation of the EEA and Norwegian Financial Mechanisms 2009-2014 in order to ensure regularity, transparency and principles of good governance.

Any person is entitled to file a complaint who notices any kind of irregularity, non-compliance or abuse concerning any stage of implementation of the Financial Mechanisms. Moreover after filing a report one has the opportunity to receive information about the processing of their complaint and afterwards about the measures taken.

Filing a complaint shall be done via the webpage which is a National Development Agency-operated online reporting page. The system ensures anonymity for the reporting persons, i.e. there is no requirement of providing data for personal identification; the system generates individual identifier number for each complaint.

The time limit for processing a complaint is 30 days. If the time taken expectedly exceeds this 30 days, a notification shall be sent to the reporter about the new expected deadline of processing in 15 days from the filing of complaint.

The reporter shall receive information on the result of their complaint for which providing an email address is sufficient to which the notification shall be sent; no data for personal identification needs to be provided.

To file a complaint, please fill in the form on this website.