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Recyclable ferrous materials from hazardous waste – green industry innovation at EMK North-Hungarian Environmental Protection LLC

Hungary is one of the eight beneficiary nations where Norway Grants is supporting green turn by financing sustainable technologies and green developments. Under the wing of Green Industry Innovation Programme 37 Hungarian project received a total 22,9 million Euro financial aid.


Green Industry Innovation Programme has two sub-areas “Reduced production of waste and reduced emission to air, water and ground” and “Enhanced use of environmentally friendly technologies”. Call for proposals were mainly targeted on SMEs with grant amounts varying from 50 to 450 million Forints (€ 160.000 – 1.400.000). Areas of investments are including e.g. bioremediation, food production development, waste management and recovery. More than the half of the 37 projects had professional support and knowledge-transfer from their Norwegian donor project partners.

In Hungary’s SVIP Sajóbábony Industrial Park at ÉMK Kft. (EMK North-Hungarian Environmental Protection Limited Liability Company) an investment supported by Norway Grants is being implemented, in which ferrous materials are recovered from bottom ash of the hazardous waste incineration, in order to decrease the amount of generated waste. More than 62 % of the project budget, approximately 159 million Forint is provided by the Kingdom of Norway within the Norwegian Financial Mechanisms of 2009-2014.

EMK’s core activities are waste management and waste water management services. The enterprise carries out collection, transportation, pre-treatment and disposal of hazardous wastes. During the disposal of hazardous wastes by incineration 2-30 % of bottom ash is generated depending of the type of the incinerated waste which amount shall be landfilled. However, in the bottom ash significant amount of recyclable ferrous metals can be found. The aim of the project launched in 2014 is to elaborate and accomplish recovery technology of the up-to-now non-utilized ferrous metal fraction of the bottom ash at EMK Ltd. With the help of the introduced technology less amount of bottom ash will be disposed to the landfill of EMK Ltd., therefore its lifespan is lengthened while the environmental impact is decreased.

In Green Industry Innovation Programme Operator, Szent István University’s video summary József Paulovics, EMK’s project manager introduces the development.

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