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About the modification of Energy Study and about the publication of a collection of the Frequently Asked Questions

We would like to draw stakeholders' attention, under the frame of Improving Energy Efficient public Schools call for proposals' (launched at 30 September, 2013), Annex 6. Energy Study has been modified.
Thanks to the modification Energy Study has been supplemented by the mandatory content elements of the contract to be concluded with the auditor or with the company performing the audit. Link to the modified annex (in Hungarian): link.

We would like to draw stakeholders' attention also, based on the applicants' submitted questions Implementing Agency has been collected the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), it may be helpful in the preparation of the proposals. Link to the FAQ (in Hungarian): link.

If you have any questions related to the call for proposals of the Energy Efficiency Programme, please do not hesitate to contact customer service of Implementing Agency:energyefficiency@egtalap.hu or info@egtalap.hu.