Development of an innovative logistic collection procedure of the waste tires and to create an annual processing capacity of 3,000 tons waste materials

Development of an innovative logistic collection procedure of the waste tires and to create an annual processing capacity of 3,000 tons waste materials

Project ID: HU09-0072-A1-2013

Projektgazda/Projekt Promoter

Oláh-Gumiszerviz Kft.

Program Operátor/Programme Operator

Szent István Egyetem

Megvalósítási időszak/Implementation period

2014.12.01 - 2017.04.29.

Hazai Projekt Partnerek/National Project Partner

Energotest Kft.
Bay Zoltán Alkalmazott Kutatási Nonprofit Közhasznú Kft.

Donor Projekt Partner/Donor Project Partner


Összköltség / Total budget (EUR)

617 730 233 HUF 1 980 486.2 EUR

EGT/Norvég támogatás összege / EEA/Norwegian Grant (EUR)

407 707 574,6 HUF/1 438 629,41 EUR

Project subpage

 The main purpose of the project was to handle the problem of collecting and recovering rubber waste on the tire market. The Projekt Promoter as one of the key participant of the Hungarian tire market, he recognized the problem in his activity, that very difficult to handle/to take away the waste tires for companies wich are not direct connection with tire manufaturers or not sales tires in big quantities or selling tires for the agricultural field.

The cause of the problem is mostly that to deliver the waste tires is very expensive secondly, that the present regulations do not support the end-users utilization of waste tires. Thirdly we can see that the size of the agricultural tires and their composition is not ideal for the currently used tire utilization technology. We were looking for a solution to these problems with the consortium partners. To solve the above mentioned problems we have created a logistics system which can support the collection of waste tires, even in small quantities. We had to made such an administrative interface that could handle 30-50 pieces quantity also. To create this, firstly we had to made a serious IT development, on the other hand, the generally used bridge scales had to be replaced by small capacity platforms for scales and by measuring containers.

The implementation of this task was undertaken by Energotest Kft. The Bay Zoltan Alkalmazott Kutatasi Kozhaszna Nonprofit Kft. has developed proper and accurate administration. To keep the logistical costs in a low level we have set up a back-up system, which does not represent an extra cost during the collection. In addition to this, we have built up a new tire service factory in our area - located in the center of the Hungary-, which can be used for agricultural and industrial tires as well.

The final product was designed so that it possible to keeping the investment costs and operating costs in low level, and this product is useful and possible easily to be integrated into the environment. In the manufacturing process we have built-in a measurement-data collection systems which documents the manufactured products and the cost of resources which need for the production. These developments can be used later, even for additional R & D improvements. In the side of the final product, the Bay Zoltan Alkalmazott Kutatasi Kozhasznu Nonprofit Kft. materials research field has found a new possibility that final product is a new material composition and patentable, which can give more opportunities in the future together with the results of the further developments, possible to manufacture a final product with a high added value.

The further aim of the project was also to publish the realized developments. Our consortium has provided this with organizing many events, newspaper articles and digital media articles. Overall, we can say that our consortium has achieved better results in all areas than we previously expected, which can result the reduction in the amount of accumulated and continuously generated tire waste.