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Cultural Heritage Programme Area’s Enhancing Bilateral Activities Call has been modified with extension of eligible applicants and partners

“Enhancing Bilateral Activities on Project Level” call for proposal is available since 20th February within Conservation and Revitalisation of Cultural Heritage and Natural Heritage and Promotion of Diversity in Culture and Arts within European Cultural Heritage. Eligibility requirements has been modiefied, extending the call’s relevance from the current HU07 Programme Area’s  Project Promoters of granted projects to other organizations.

Total fund at the publication of the call is 81 917.4 EUR / 25 558 228 Ft. Since the opening of the call four applications has been submitted via the NORA system. In case of positive evaluation and support of the projects, 18 101 198 Ft grant amount will be still available.

The objective is that the granted project promoters carry out additional activities related to existing projects that reinforce the bilateral ties and networks, by professional workshops, conferences, study tours, innovative cultural programmes and activities.

The following organisations may submit project proposals: central government institutions, local municipalities and their associations, churches and church institutions, associations of local municipalities in case they are legal entities. In case of the present Call for Proposals NGOs in Hungary are eligible for funding that have relevant experiences in the field of culture and/or arts and/or social integration. For instance: unions, and other associations, foundations, non- profit companies, other non- profit legal entities, non- profit organisations. Modified Call for Proposal is available on EEA Grants’ official website.

Minimum project support is determined in 2 000.0 EUR / 624 000 Ft, maximum support is 8 000.0 EUR / 2 496 000 Ft.
Exchange rate: 312 Ft/EUR.

Application documents are available in NORA system.

Submission started at 20th February 2017. Submission is continuous, the review of eligibility and administrative criteria, as well as the evaluation will be carried out in order of reception of applications. The evaluation will be closed when all available funds are granted to eligible but not later than 31st August 2017.

Implementation’s final deadline is 30th September 2017.