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Call for proposal entitled „Equal opportunities for women” to strengthen bilateral relations

It is our great pleasure to inform our potential applicants that the two newest calls for proposals are available on 09.03. 2017. concerning the National Fund for Bilateral Relations (NFBR) in the frame of EEA and Norwegian Financial Mechanisms 2009-2014.

The overall objective of the National Fund for Bilateral Relations is to strengthen bilateral relations between the Donor States – Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein – and Hungary. The aim is to increase the extent of cooperation between institutions and individuals, through formal partnerships or more ad hoc exchange and collaboration.

Regarding this call, the allocation of the grant can be used for encouraging cooperation between Donor States and Hungary with the aim of strengthening gender equality and elimination of violence against women.

The eligible activities include inter alia participation at workshops or seminars of the organizations of Norway, Iceland and Lichtenstein, participation at study trips, events, conferences, publicities, expert studies and awareness-raising activities.

Eligible applicants of the present open call are any entity, public or private, commercial or non-commercial and non-governmental organisations established as a legal person in Hungary, as well as natural persons who are legal residents of Hungary are eligible applicants.

Open calls shall be organized to select projects and initiatives to be funded under the first and second key priority areas.

  • Programme for initiatives with easy reimbursement option (PIERO):

PIERO can support ad hoc initiatives that require a rather quick appraisal and quick action. In the PIERO scheme, the call for proposals will be open continuously until funds are available.

  • Cooperation programme for enhanced relations (COOPER)

COOPER can support initiatives with a broader time-span that consist of a chain of actions with possible long-term effects. In the COOPER scheme, the deadline for submission of applications is 30 June 2017.

In the PIERO scheme, the call for proposals will be open continuously from 13.03. 2017. until funds are available or 30 June, 2017.

In both type of initiatives advance payment request is available, which equals with the 80% of the support amount.

Aid intensity: 100 %

The allocation of the grant: 277.500 EUR (~86 580 000 HUF)

In the frame of PIERO the maximum grant is 1.000-20.000 EUR depending on the activity and the number of the participants, while in the frame of COOPER the maximum amount is 30.000 EUR.

To access the application form, please click on the following website: