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Bilateral Call for Proposal within Renewable Energy Programme Area

On 14th July 2017, a bilateral Call for proposal has been relaesed with component A „Participation at geothermal workshop in iceland for local governments” and Component B, „Cooperation with Donor Partners”.

The overall objective of the Fund is to strengthen bilateral relations between Donor States and Hungary.  

The aim is to increase the extent of cooperation between institutions and individuals, through formal partnerships or through more ad hoc exchange and collaboration. The bilateral cooperation shall contribute to the collaboration between the partners through sharing experience, knowledge, know-how and technology. The goal of “strengthen the bilateral relations between the Donor States and Hungary” under Renewable Energy Programme (HU03) will be implemented and granted by two sets of activities:

“Geothermal workshop in Iceland for local governments” so called “A” component (HU03-Bilat-A-2017, present summary of the call) and

Cooperation with Donor partners”, so called “B” component (HU03-Bilat-B-2017, for further details, please see the relevant call for bilateral activities).

  1. “Geothermal workshop in Iceland for local governments”

The goal of the workshop is to bring together decision makers, engineers and managers of local governments involved in geothermal energy related activities as well as to provide a forum for exchange of knowledge and best practice on exploration, development and use of geothermal resource or communities that could benefit from the utilization of geothermal. The workshop will create a platform for an opportunity to learn about geothermal management, sustainability in geothermal utilization, investments and explore the possible use of geothermal resources as a renewable energy source. The activity will also increase knowledge about Hungarian and EU policy and compare it to Icelandic legislation and regulations pertinent to geothermal development.

Eligible applicants for the open call are local governments of Hungary with a geothermal potential and district heating system, the proper list of these settlements listed in the call (2.1.).

  1. “Cooperation with Donor partners”

Initiatives of the present call may contribute to promoting either improving awareness and strengthening sense of responsibility for the environment in the society or awareness raising of the population regarding the renewable energy / exchange of experience regarding renewable energy Eligible Applicants of the present open call are any entity, public or private, commercial or non-commercial and non-governmental organisations established as a legal person in Hungary as well as natural persons who are legal residents of Hungary are eligible Applicants.  

Common indicative budget of “A” component and “B” component: 43.056.000 HUF (138.000 EUR)

Please note: Proposals under “A” component receive priority during the selection procedure.

The grant rate for both components are 100%.

The deadline for submission is 31th July, 2017.