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National Fund for Bilateral Relation’s open calls has been modified with the change of Partner Agreement requirements

The National Focal Point hereby informs the applicants about the recent modification of “Tackling climate change” and “Equal opportunities for women” calls, available since 9th March 2017.

Through the modification, the applicant is no longer obliged to attach a Partner Agreement form. To verify partnership, an „Official Exchange of Letters” document is eligible, proving the initiation will be carried out in a bilateral partnership. Please note that the Partner Agreement is also still acceptable.

Fundamental requirements of the Official Exchange of Letter are the following:

 –          justification that the initiatives will be implemented in the cooperation with the donor partner,

–          the financial conditions and

–          the division of tasks between the parties.

Modified Call for Proposals are available on EEA and Norway Grants’ official Hungarian website since 13rd June 2017.

The amendment does not affect the other conditions set out in the calls.