Tartalom megjelenítő

New calls for proposals are expected after the Programme Committee Meeting

Researches focusing on the 'Environment' and 'Health' will be supported in the framework of the Bilateral Research Cooperation between Hungary and Norway. Based on preliminary information, the below mentioned research topics were proposed by the programme planning working group.

Under the thematic area 'Environment' the following research topics were emphasized: environmental protection oriented research of natural resources, products and services; research in pollution prevention and management; research on the impact of forestry and agricultural technologies on environment and food safety.

Research topics under the thematic area 'Health' the personalized medicine in non-contagious diseases; innovative methodologies in public health and health systems research; biomedical research including nano/- and biotechnology; research in healthy food production were in focal point.

Research on social exclusion, inclusion and social integration of disadvantaged groups; economic and political development and governance issues; culture, tradition and identity, knowledge based society; ageing population, impacts of ageing on health and social systems, the economy were arisen among research topics under the thematic area 'Social Sciences and Humanities'.

Research into the barriers to gender equality; social and cultural construction of gender in Hungary and Norway were suggested as gender related research topics.

Further information will be available at our website following the next Programme Committee Meeting scheduled for the end of February.