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National program to develop health visitor service in Hungary

The Hungarian Office of Chief Medical Officer (OCMA), with the support of Norway Grants has started a new program to improve the working conditions of health visitors. 1500 workers of primary care and school health visitors are receiving laptops in order to increase work efficiency, as well as yet missing special instruments, helping the communication with disadvantaged communities. A national information center is to be implemented to provide technical support for health visitors. The 12 month project is financed by Norway Grants with a support of 794.648.900 Ft (2.541.981 EUR).

Health visitors are supporting the health protection and health skills development of families. A main difficulty of their activity is proved to be the lack of health awareness especially at disadvantaged regions and small villages. During the last three years OCMA has started several national programs for the health protection of Hungarian population, where health visitors were able to learn and develop new competences.

The organization, with support of Norway Grants has started its latest project on the 1th of May, 2016, aiming to help health visitors in health maintenance and prevention among the most disadvantaged communities with region-specific pilot programs promoting healthy lifestyle. Everyday health visitor activity broadens with a complex, easy to introduce knowledge to strengthen or alter health practices where needed. Creating a preventive educational short film and health training materials are also part of the project.

The profession of health visitors includes special tasks and responsibilities leading to extreme stress levels, sometimes even psychosomatic symptoms. Introducing cervical cancer screening as a new service requires certain competencies and means a new challenge: practicing an intimate medical procedure has not been part of health visitor duties before. The project offers practical training, as well as answers to occurring questions in connection with the new medical intervention. One main mission of the program is to provide group meetings and case-study discussion trainings for health visitors in the three emphasized counties of Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén, Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg and Heves, in order to support professional and personal development, and reducing stress level.
The project aims to identify successful health education-related initiatives contributing to the health protection of local communities among the three above mentioned counties. Best practices will be prized by OCMA and introduced on professional events and the project website.

Roma women's participation willingness in healthcare programs means a professional challenge as well. In order to improve participation rate, a research is planned to survey Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén county Roma women's health-consciousness and participation willingness in breast and cervical cancer screenings. The research may support decision making related to national public health programs and screening strategy-making.

Besides, OCMA starts a health consciousness and health related life skills development community club for disadvantaged families, operated by a local health visitor and professionals in a chosen city of Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén county.

The Hungarian Office of Chief Medical Officer, with the support of Norway Grants provides long term professional and technical aid for the improvement of health visitor services.

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Improvement of the working conditions of health visitors active in Roma communities - HU12-0001-PP1-2016