Programme Operator:
Ministry of Human Capacities

Donor programme partners:
Norwegian Arts Council (ACN)
Directorate for Cultural Heritage (RA)
The Icelandic Centre for Research (Rannis)

Programme objective:
The programme shall consist of both cultural heritage management and cultural cooperation/exchange.
The programme shall focus on the potential of art, culture and cultural heritage in promoting social and economic development.
The programme shall contribute to a greater awareness about cultural diversity by promoting the visibility of social, ethnic and cultural minorities.
The programme shall contribute to the social inclusion of disadvantaged groups (such as Roma) by improving their access to culture and by promoting joint activities and dialogue between Roma and non-Roma.
The programme shall include specific modalities targeting independent cultural actors and civil society organisations in the field of art and culture.

20 000 000 EUR (~7,2 billion HUF)

Programme areas:
Cultural Entrepreneurship Cultural Heritage Cultural Cooperation