Local Development and Poverty Reduction

Local Development and Poverty Reduction

Programme Operator:
Prime Minister’s Office (National Focal Point)

Donor Programme Partner:
The Norwegian Association of Local and Regional Authorities (KS)

Programme objective:
Strengthened social and economic cohesion.
The programme shall strengthen institutional capacity and human resource development in public institutions, local and regional authorities and associations thereof in Hungary through cooperation and transfer of knowledge with similar institutions and authorities and associations thereof in Norway.
The programme shall encourage cross-sectoral partnerships, including with civil society.
The programme shall ensure a systematic approach to local development and poverty reduction in the least developed regions, integrating measures in education, employment and health.
Through specific modalities, the programme shall focus on the implementation of existing standards and norms in the area of Good Governance, including a small grant scheme targeting civil society working on transparency and good governance.
The European Public Health Challenges will focus on oncology, eHealth and primary health care.

36 485 882 EUR (~13,134 billion HUF)

Programme areas:
Local Development and Poverty Reduction
Good Governance, Accountable Institutions, Transparency
European Public Health Challenges